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Module lines

OpenGL lines.

The lines module allows creation and drawing of lines. Clients draw using Group instances not through Lines instances.

Drawing is done in whatever is the current GL rendering context and current GL window. So you must set those prior to drawing. If you are using this with Maestro's drawing callback mechanism you need not worry about the above details. These are handled for you automatically.

Control over the vertices, color, and width of the lines are provided. See the Lines class for more info.

To draw any number of lines that share the same color and width, then place them in a single Lines instance and add the instance to a Group instance (LinesGroup can be used and is a synonym). Then invoke the Group's draw() method. A set of lines with a different width or color should be placed into a separate Lines instance.

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Class to draw a set of lines in OpenGL.
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  version = '$Revision: 1.4 $'
  __package__ = 'schrodinger.graphics3d'