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Module quadrilateral

OpenGL quadrilaterals.

The quadrilateral module allows creation and drawing of quadrilaterals. Clients draw using Group instances not through Quadrilateral instances.

Drawing is done in whatever is the current GL rendering context and current GL window. So you must set those prior to drawing. If you are using this with Maestro's drawing callback mechanism you need not worry about the above details. These are handled for you automatically.

Control over the vertices, color, and opacity of a quadrilateral are provided. See the Quadrilateral class for more info.

If you want to draw a number of quadrilaterals, then create multiple Quadrilateral instances and add them to a Group instance or create a single container instance of type Group and all all primatives to it. Then invoke the Group's draw() method. In the future we hope to provide a QuadrilateralStrip class which would be optimized to draw a sequence of edge-connected quadrilaterals

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Class to draw a 3D quadrilateral in OpenGL.
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  version = '$Revision: 1.8 $'
  __package__ = 'schrodinger.graphics3d'