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Maestro is slow to launch and frequently crashes. What could the problem be?

There are several possible reasons for this problem.

  • The problem could be the graphics driver. Try launching Maestro in software OpenGL mode with the -SGL option:

    $SCHRODINGER/maestro -SGL

    This option uses software GL emulation, so it may be a bit slow. If Maestro runs successfully without crashing, then it is likely that there is a problem with your graphics card or driver. Check that your graphics driver is the one from the graphics card manufacturer and that it is up to date. Also check whether your graphics card supports OpenGL. If not, consider upgrading your graphics card.
  • Frequent crashing could be due to the graphics card in use. We have received reports that certain onboard integrated graphics cards are showing problems with Maestro (and also other OpenGL software). In many cases updating the driver for the card has solved the problem.
  • If you experience display problems with Maestro (other than license errors) you might consider updating your graphics driver. Please check your graphics card manufacturer's web site and download the latest driver. We recommend that you install our software on an officially supported platform and use Maestro with a dedicated high quality graphics card with quad buffering, such as Nvidia Quadro FX or ATI. For the list of supported operating systems, see Supported Platforms.
  • If Maestro is started from a networked file system, the slowness to start could be due to network traffic or bandwidth. Maestro loads libraries and resource files during startup, so the speed could also be related to the file i/o speed. Some file systems cache these files, so a subsequent start can be much quicker.

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