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Can I add the Schrödinger KNIME extensions to an existing installation of KNIME?

Yes, you can install the Schrödinger KNIME extensions into an existing KNIME installation.

  1. Ensure that you have the required privileges for installation. For example, if KNIME was installed as administrator, the extensions must also be installed as administrator.
  2. Install the KNIME Base Chemistry Types and Nodes.
  3. Download and install the Schrödinger software and the Schrödinger extensions.

You can download the Schrödinger software from the Downloads page. The extensions can be installed from the latest update site, which is available here. The extensions are also available as a zipped update site here. Instructions for installing the extensions into an existing installation of KNIME are given in Installing into an Existing Version of KNIME.

IMPORTANT! You must ensure that you have an installation of the corresponding Schrödinger Suite. The Schrödinger KNIME extensions will NOT work on their own without a Schrödinger software installation.

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