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Can I choose the PDF viewer that is used to view the documentation from Maestro?

You can change the PDF viewer that is used for opening manuals from the Documentation Index in Maestro. To do this, simply change the file association for the PDF file type (.pdf). In releases prior to 2014-2, Help → Manuals Index opened a PDF document with links to the manuals. As some PDF viewers do not follow the links between documents reliably, we recommend using Okular or Evince on Linux, and Adobe Reader on Mac, if you are still using an earlier release. (Note: do not change the association for the .pdx file type from Adobe Reader, as this is the file type for the search index.)

If you want to search across all the manuals with Help → Search Manuals, you must use Adobe Reader or Acrobat because the search index can only be read by Adobe Reader or Acrobat. You can always search within a document using your chosen PDF reader if it supports searching.

If you are setting up a tutorial (Help → Tutorials), and want to open the tutorial instructions, they will only be opened at the correct location if the PDF reader can open a document at a named destination in the file. Very few PDF readers (other than Adobe Reader) can do this. For this reason, Adobe Reader (acroread) or Adobe Acrobat are the only PDF readers used.

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