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Which versions of the KNIME workbench can I use with the Schrödinger KNIME Extensions?

The following KNIME versions have been tested with our software releases. Other combinations are likely to work but aren't supported. It is strongly recommended that the version of the extensions you install into KNIME is the same as the version of the Schrödinger Suite that these extensions use. If you mix versions, some nodes may not work, so mixing versions is not supported. Upgrading to minor updates of KNIME should not present any problems, as these versions are minor bug fixes or upgrades.

Schrödinger Release mmshare version Schrödinger KNIME
Extensions version
KNIME versions
2016-2 34014 34014 2.12.x, 3.1.x*
2016-1 33013 33013 2.12.x, 3.1.x*
2015-4 32017 32017 2.12.x
2015-3 31014 31014 2.11.x, 2.12.x
2015-2 30010 30010 2.11.x
2015-1 29012 29012 2.11.x
2014-4 28013 28013 2.10.x, 2.11.x
2014-3 27013 27013 2.9.x, 2.10.x
2014-2 26016 26016 2.9.x, 2.10.x
2014-1 25012 19012 2.9.x

* A KNIME 3.1 version is available on See current limitations listed in

Note that the 2D renderer is not supported on Windows prior to the 2014-3 release in a standalone KNIME 2.7.x or higher installation, due to a library conflict with Eclipse. It is supported as of the 2014-3 release. The alternative is to use the 2D renderer in the KNIME version in our installation, which uses the Schrödinger version of the problematic library.

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