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Maestro crashed, but so far I did not save my project. Is there any place where I might find the files of the scratch project?

Yes, there is a temporary directory that contains the scratch project. This directory can be set as a preference (Temporary project location). If you have not set this preference, you can find the files as follows:

On Windows, open the explorer and type %LOCALAPPDATA% in the address line. Then change to Schrodinger\tmp. In the subfolder with the latest changes you should find the scratch project files. On Windows XP you will have to type %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data in the address line, as %LOCALAPPDATA% is not defined by default.

On Linux, the location of the temporary directory that contains the scratch project depends on some environment variable settings. Maestro uses SCHRODINGER_TEMP_PROJECT if it is defined, then TMPDIR. If neither of these is defined, $HOME/.schrodinger/tmp is used.

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