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When I run a Glide, QSite, Impact, or Liaison job with a large protein, I sometimes get an error that there are "too many atoms". What can I do?

This error means that the number of atoms in the structure exceeds the internal limit that can be handled by the program. The limit is 90000 atoms. If your structure is too large, you will see error messages like:

rdmmct: Too many atoms (...) in current structure.
%IMPACT-W (warning): At line N
%IMPACT-W: Build Primary: Too many atoms for structure in: filename

%IMPACT-E (die): At line N
%IMPACT-E: CREATE: struc has too many atoms for executable.

If you encounter this error, you should consider trimming the size of your protein to fit the limit.

Note: Liaison and Impact are no longer supported as of the 2015-3 release.

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