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Why don't I get any NBO output via Jaguar when I specifically request it?

This problem only occurs for Jaguar 4.1 and earlier versions.

The NBO program requires a large stack size, which often exceeds the default stack size, especially on Linux machines. To determine your current limit on stack size, type the following command at a shell prompt:

bash, sh, or ksh: ulimit -a

csh or tcsh: limit

It may be possible to increase this limit yourself, if desired, by typing the following command:

bash, sh, or ksh: ulimit -s unlimited

csh or tcsh: limit stacksize unlimited

After issuing the command, check the limit again by running the ulimit -a or the limit command. If the stack limit is unchanged, see your system administrator for help. It may be that the limit has been set in the kernel and a new kernel will have to be compiled in order to allow users to raise their personal limits. If you were successful in increasing your stack limit with the above command, you might want to add the command to your .cshrc or .bash_profile file so that your stack limit will be set automatically upon log in.

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