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How do I run LigPrep from the command line?

You can run LigPrep from the command line with the command $SCHRODINGER/ligprep, either for single processor or multiprocessor execution.

LigPrep can be run with either a command input file that lists the options to be used, or from the command line by using options to modify the default behavior. The default behavior is discussed in Section 3.2.1 of the LigPrep User Manual. For a list of options, run ligprep -h

An efficient method to gather all of the LigPrep command options that you need for most types of jobs is to set up and run a small sample job from Maestro. LigPrep echoes the command that it uses in the log file, jobname.log. You can then copy and paste the options listed for the command line submission. Some examples of LigPrep job submission can be found in Section 3.2 of the manual.

If you want to distribute the LigPrep job across multiple processors, you can do so with the ligprep command. Distributed computing is described in Section 2.3 of the LigPrep User Manual, with examples. You can specify the number of subjobs to run with the -NJOBS m option, and the number of processors with -HOST hostname:nproc.

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