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How can I improve the drawing speed in Maestro?

There are several ways to enhance the speed at which Maestro draws the Workspace:

  • Undisplay the Clipping Planes window and the Sequence Viewer by right-clicking and choosing Hide, or deselecting Clipping Planes and Sequence Viewer on the Windows menu. This eliminates the need to redraw these components whenever the main window is redrawn.
  • Select Never for the Show Bond Orders option in the Preferences panel, under Molecular Representation – Atoms and Bonds. This improves the speed because there are fewer objects to draw.
  • Switch the wire bond Style setting, also located in the Preferences panel, from Split to Blend. This also favorably impacts the refresh rate by reducing the number of pixels that must be drawn. This solution will only work, however, if you are running and displaying locally.
  • Use the Undisplay feature to select only the atoms of interest for display (Display/Undisplay Atoms on the Workspace menu). Minimizing the number of atoms on the screen will speed up drawing.

Slow drawing speed is mainly an issue for earlier releases, as the speed has been increased greatly in more recent releases.

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