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How do I enable hardware stereo with my NVIDIA graphics card under Linux?

The proprietary NVIDIA graphics card driver must be installed. It can be obtained from NVIDIA's website:

Once the driver is installed and configured, hardware stereo support can be added using the nvidia-xconfig utility:

nvidia-xconfig --stereo=3

If you are using the Nvidia 3D Vision emitter and glasses, use the value 10 rather than 3; for the Nvidia 3D Vision Pro emitter and glasses, use the value 11. The X server must be restarted after any such modifications. For further details about the nvidia-xconfig utility, please see the man page:

man nvidia-xconfig

If you want to enable stereo by editing the configuration file in /etc/X11 directly (xorg.conf, XF86Config-4, or XF86Config), you should add the following option to the Device section:

Option "Stereo" "3"

or use option 10 (11) instead of 3 for Nvidia 3D Vision (Pro), and add the following option to the Extensions section:<

Option "Composite" "Disable"

For details of the options, see

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