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There are several tasks that I find myself repeating often. Is there any way in Maestro to automate these tasks?

There are two built-in ways to automate frequently used Maestro tasks: command scripts and macros. Command scripts are essentially logs of the text-based commands that are issued by the Maestro GUI when you execute an operation. By creating command scripts, you can perform commonly used and complicated command sequences with only a few keystrokes. Using scripts saves time, saves effort, and ensures accuracy when running duplicate calculations or repeating the same operations on various molecules.

With macros, you assign a particular command script to a single function key, so that when the key is pressed, the operation is performed.

The third way that you can automate tasks is to write a Python script. The Python module provided with Maestro provides an interface to many Maestro functions. A tutorial on using Python in Maestro is provided in the documentation.

For more information, see the chapter on scripting in the Maestro User Manual.

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