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Maestro crashes when I try to print a structure. What can I do?

For versions of Maestro earlier than 8.0 (Suite 2007), a bug in the Mesa 3.x OpenGL library ( causes Maestro to fail when printing structures in anything other than the wire frame representation. The bug is fixed with the 4.x libraries, but these libraries can make some Maestro operations, such as rotation, too slow to be usable. If you have a hardware accelerated graphics card, the OpenGL library supplied with the drivers for the card replaces the local library, and might not suffer from any of these problems. The OpenGL library supplied with the NVIDIA graphics card driver, for example, appears to work.

This problem does not arise in Maestro 8.0 and 8.5, for which the fallback library was changed to the Mesa 6.4.2 OpenGL library. Printing structures is no longer available from Maestro 9.0 on: instead, you should save an image and use the image to print the structure.

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