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Maestro has stopped working. I was able to run it before, but can't now. What can I do?

One possible reason for this problem is an issue with getting a license: the license server is not available, the license server daemon is not running, or your license has expired. To check that the license server is available, try connecting to it. If it is available, check that the process lmgrd is running (the license server daemon). If it is not running, restart it. Instructions for starting the license server daemon are given in Article 1899. If the daemon is running, check the dates in your license file to ensure that the license is still valid. Usually you will receive error message relating to the license if you have a licensing problem.

Another possible reason is that the system configuration has changed since you last ran Maestro, and the current configuration is not compatible with Maestro or is lacking some of the requirements for Maestro. Check with your system administrator for any changes, including reboots. You might have to reset some settings that were made temporarily and not included in the boot configuration, for example, or reinstall some libraries. You might also have to reinstall the graphics driver if the kernel was updated.

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