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How can I install and use the Prime Threading pathway?

Threading is no longer supported as of Suite 2012.

You can install the threading executables and data on Linux for earlier releases with the following instructions. Threading is not available on Windows.

  1. Download the software, threading-vversion.tar, into a temporary directory. The software can be found at You should choose the version of this file that best matches your installation. Specifically, the version should match that of Prime (psp-vversion). The file is approximately 1 GB. If you are prompted, use anonymous for the user name and your e-mail address for the password.
  2. Verify that your SCHRODINGER environment variable is set to the latest release of the Schrödinger software.
  3. Untar the Threading tar file:

    tar -xvf threading-file
  4. Run ./INSTALL and follow the installation procedure as usual.

Upon completion, there will be an additional directory in $SCHRODINGER named threading-vversion.

In order to visualize templates found in the Fold Recognition step, the following environment variable has to be set before starting Maestro:

csh/tcsh:   setenv PSP_FR_DATA $SCHRODINGER/threading-vversion/data/fr

sh/bash:   export PSP_FR_DATA=$SCHRODINGER/threading-vversion/data/fr

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