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I want to use web-based searching with Prime, but I have to go through a proxy server. How can I set this up?

There is a script that should help setting up for proxy-server specification, which you run with the command:


You will have to supply the proxy server name and port number (server:port) and also enter the username and password. The username and password are not stored, so you have to enter them as requested.

After entering all the details, check the file $HOME/.schrodinger/web_proxy.json. This file should contain the correct server name and port number.

If there are still problems after using the script, please try to manually set up the web_proxy.json file following this template, replacing the proxy: argument by the proxy user name, the proxy IP (or name) and the proxy port.

"http": {
"auth_realm": "Squid proxy-caching web server",
"proxy": "http://www:user@"
"_version": "0.2"

For more information, see Appendix C of the Installation Guide, "Access to the Web via a Proxy".

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