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How can I optimize the performance of Maestro?

If Maestro is unresponsive or slow the first things you should do are:

  • Check that your graphics card is adequate and that your graphics driver is up-to-date.
  • Run and display Maestro locally if at all possible. Displaying Maestro remotely will affect the responsiveness. Running Maestro from a networked disk can result in slow startup.
  • Use your local disk for projects whenever possible. Setting the environment variable SCHRODINGER_TEMP_PROJECT to a local drive will speed up access to scratch projects. Saving projects locally while working on them, then copying them to a networked disk will also improve responsiveness.
  • Check how much memory your machine is using, and whether it is swapping or paging. If it is, close applications that use a lot of memory.

If this does not help, or if you can't take the suggested actions, there are a number of preferences available that can help Maestro reduce its workload, simplify the graphics operations, and yield a more responsive experience.

You can adjust preferences in the Preferences panel to eliminate operations that could affect performance:

  • Workspace → Graphics: turn off "Full scene anti-aliasing"
  • Feedback → Atom: turn off "Show atom feedback in Status Bar"
  • Feedback → Job: turn off "Show job status feedback in Workspace"
  • Jobs → Monitoring: turn off "Show job status in Workspace status bar"
  • Jobs → Monitoring: Set "Update Monitor panel every" to a larger value.
  • Jobs → Incorporation: set "Incorporate completed jobs" to "Only when monitored"

Also, in the Monitor panel, set the Monitor frequency to a larger number, like 30 seconds.

For releases earlier than the 2015-1 release you can adjust the following preference:

  • Project → Project Table: turn off "Show 2D image in Row column tooltip"

You should also turn off "Enhanced depth view" on the View menu.

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