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I have a number of Maestro (.mae) files that I would like to merge into a single file. Is there a command for doing this?

This can be done using the system commands "cat" or "zcat". For example:

cat file1.mae file2.mae > one.mae


zcat file1.mae.gz file2.mae.gz > one.mae

Since Maestro and most Schrödinger products can directly read or take as input compressed (.maegz or .mae.gz) files, you may want to use the following command:

zcat file1.mae.gz file2.mae.gz | gzip -c > one.mae.gz

You can also use wildcards "*", for example:

cat *identifyer.mae > new.mae

but make sure that the new file name does not match the old file name space. You must also make sure that the Maestro file format versions are the same.

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