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I received the following error from Maestro:

WARNING MM_MCMMonitor::reassignAllJobs(): unable to change project name for job_id JobId
WARNING [ MMjobfe library failure ]

What does this mean?

In this case, Maestro has detected that the name of the project has changed since the job was launched, but Maestro is unable to inform the job that the name of the project has changed. This can happen, for example, if the job is waiting in a queue, and has not started up yet. The job will finish correctly, but it will not be incorporated into the current project upon completion. Instead, you will need to manually incorporate the job results into your project.

One common situation in which this happens is when a job is launched from a scratch project, and then the project is saved as a named project. If you plan to keep a project, you should save it before you launch jobs, or wait until the jobs incorporate before saving the project.

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