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Converting a project that contains protein structures to Maestro 9.2 format failed. How can I get it to work?

This can happen when the project contains data from the Protein Preparation Wizard that originates in Suite 2007 (Maestro 8.0) or earlier. These data are not correctly handled in the released version of the project_convert utility. The job appears to finish, but no message stating that the conversion finished successfully is displayed. You might also see the following error messages:

WARNING : MMDBI ERROR(-4): mmproj_dbi_convert_from_v10_to_v20():
Error in inserting row for EntryId entryid
WARNING : MMDBI ERROR(-4): mmproj_dbi_transaction_rollback():
Failed to execute the ROLLBACK statement
error 5 (cannot rollback transaction - SQL statements in progress)
WARNING : MMDBI WARNING(-3): mmproj_dbi_convert_from_v10_to_v20():
Failed to rollback transaction
WARNING : MMPROJCONV WARNING(-1): project_convert():
Failed to convert database for project project
ERROR: Failed to convert the project...

If you are encountering this problem, you can obtain a replacement project_convert utility that performs the conversion successfully from here. Unzip and copy the appropriate version of project_convert into the $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-vversion/bin/platform directory, to replace the existing version.

If you have problems converting a project whose structures are more recent than Suite 2007, this update will not help, and you should contact for assistance.

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