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I can't open the online help from Maestro, and I see an error "Couldn't load XPCOM". Is there a fix for this problem?

This problem is relevant only to releases prior to 2014-1, when the Help panel was introduced. It has been noticed on OpenSuSE, but may occur on other platforms. It appears to be a problem with Firefox that is fixed by upgrading Firefox to version 8.0.

NOTE: OpenSuSE is not a supported platform: we recommend that you use one of the supported platforms. If this is not possible, the information provided below might be helpful.

If you have recently upgraded Firefox, it's possible that you might be missing some libraries or dependencies. Problems like this have been reported with upgrades to Firefox:

To fix this problem you might have to reinstall Firefox, upgrade it, or downgrade it. Firefox 8.0 appears to fix this problem. If you cannot install Firefox for all users, you can install it locally, then set the environment variable SCHRODINGER_HELP_BROWSER to point to this version. You can also set this environment variable to point to a different browser. Older versions of Firefox are available at

As another alternative, if you are running on a 64-bit platform, running the 32-bit version of Maestro might allow you to open the help.

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