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Is there a way to change the rendering of the H-bonds? I'd like to emphasize them a bit more.

Starting with the 2013-3 release, you can change the line width and the color of the H-bond and contacts markers. Both color and line width changes can be made in the Preferences panel, under H-Bonds and Contacts. Color changes can also be made in the H-Bonds and Contacts panel. In earlier releases, you can only change the color.

Changing the color can be done as follows:

Suite 2012 Update 2 on

  1. Choose Tools → H-Bonds and Contacts
  2. In the H-Bonds tab, click the color button.
  3. Choose a new color in the color selector.

Suite 2012 Update 1 and earlier

  1. Choose Tools → Measurements → H-Bonds
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Choose a new color in the color selector.

If you are saving an image, you may be able to edit it in a graphics editing package to change the H-bond appearance.

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