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Can I set up a hot key that will add R/S labels to all chiral atoms in a structure in the Workspace?

Yes. You can use the Function Key macro to assign a short Maestro command sequence that will label the chiral atoms, as follows:

  1. Choose Maestro → Function Key Macros.
  2. In the panel that opens, choose your Macro key, and place the following lines in the content field:

    labelatom mode=append
    labelatom chirality=true
    labelatom all
  3. Click Save.
When you include a structure in the Workspace, and press the chosen Function key, R or S chirality labels are appended to the labels of all the chiral atoms in the structure.

An alternative to typing in the commands is to use the Atom Labels panel to perform the labeling on a structure, then copy the commands from the Command Script Editor panel and paste them in the Function Key Macros panel.

Keywords: Maestro, stereochemistry

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