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I can't use rsync_pdb and update_BLASTDB on my Linux machine, because they don't get past our web proxy. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

You can set the environment variable RSYNC_PROXY to the hostname:port pair that points to your web proxy. You should then be able to run these utilities. If you still have trouble, you can specify the port with the -p port option when you run the utilities.

Contact your IT staff to ensure that access to port 873 is enabled in the web proxy configuration as required by the rsync protocol. As a test of your RSYNC_PROXY setting and the web proxy configuration, the command

rsync --port=80

should return a very short listing of databases available for rsync to copy. If this command still gives you an error, please contact Technical Support at

Some web proxies require some form of authentication: basic, digest, or LDAP, each set up on a different port number. These may require that RSYNC_PROXY be set in the form proxy-login:proxy-password@proxy-host:proxy-port. If one form of authentication does not work, check that you have the correct port number, or try another form.

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