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When installing the software, installing the license, running the "machid" program, or running Maestro, I get the following unusual message:

556: Illegal number: unknownunknown

What should I do?

This message occurs primarily with Ubuntu 11.04, when the platform program is run. Schrödinger has issued an upgraded file (patch) to the platform program, which should address this issue.

You can use the following procedure to replace the original platform file with the updated one. You must have write permissions to your SCHRODINGER directory to perform this update.

  1. Back up the original platform file:

    mv $SCHRODINGER/platform $SCHRODINGER/platform.orig
  2. Right-click on the following link and choose to save it as a file (Save Link As):

    You should save it to your SCHRODINGER (installation) directory with the name platform. If you have a problem saving the file, then save it to another directory and move it to $SCHRODINGER/platform.

Now that the platform file has been replaced in your SCHRODINGER installation directory, try to start Maesto or run machid once again. Please report any additional questions to

Please note that Ubuntu 11.04 is not a currently supported platform.

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