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Searching for homologs in the Prime Structure Prediction workflow fails with this error in the log file. What's the reason?

INFO: installation/thirdparty/database/blast does not appear to be available
ERROR: unable to run local job, aborting.
ERROR: Unable to assemble blast command

This error message indicates that Prime is unable to find the BLAST directory: the BLAST database does not exist in the place that Prime expects it.

If you are trying to run the search using the web-based search option, make sure that the preference for web-base searching is selected in the Preferences panel. Choose Maestro → Preferences, and under Jobs → Starting, select "Allow use of web server for BLAST searches".

If you already have local installations of the third-party databases you can use environment variables to point to these existing installations. The variables are PSP_BLASTDB for the Blast database and SCHRODINGER_PDB for the PDB database. For the Blast database, the variable should point to the directory that contains the nr* and pdb* files. For the PDB database, the variable should point to the directory that contains the 'data' directory. See the Installation Guide for details.

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