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I can't start KNIME. What should I do?

Work through the list of instructions below. If starting KNIME is still unsuccessful, then please answer the following questions, and upload the requested data. Many of the commands given below are intended to generate data that will help technical support to diagnose the problem.

  1. Log in as an unprivileged user on the computer (i.e. not as root).
  2. Open a new terminal on the computer.
  3. There might be something in your environment that is causing difficulties. Please obtain the environment at this point with the following command.

    env > env_initial.txt
  4. Are any of the environment variables MMSHARE_EXEC, REMOTE_MMSHARE_EXEC, or similar Schrodinger variables set? If so, unset them. Submit the "env" command again to check.
  5. Set the licensing diagnostics environment variable

    export FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=3 (sh/bash)
    setenv FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS 3 (csh/tcsh)
  6. Set the SCHRODINGER environment variable to the Schrodinger installation on the computer.
  7. Submit the command


    Note the name of the resulting instcheck-machine-number.tar.gz file.
  8. Ensure that Maestro starts, with the command


    Was it successful? Please capture the license information placed in the terminal window.
  9. Run Knime in the normal manner, exactly as shown below, after ensuring that the directory knime_workspace does not already exist in the current directory.

    $SCHRODINGER/knime -data ./knime_workspace.

    Did the Knime splash screen and interface start?
  10. If not, please describe what occured, and copy any information generated in the terminal window into a file named knime_terminal.txt.
  11. Please acquire a screen shot (with the Print Screen button).
  12. Please acquire the output of the command $SCHRODINGER/licadmin INFO, and collect it into a text file named licadminInfo.txt.
  13. Check for a knime.log file in ./knime_workspace/.metadata/knime/knime.log. Inspect it for error messages or warnings.
  14. Please zip or tar the resulting information, any terminal messages due to licensing, and the knime.log file, and send the information to Schrodinger as an attachment.
    Alternatively, upload it (with ftp or sftp for example) to If prompted, the user name is 'anonymous' and the password is your email address. Please tell us the names of the files when the upload is complete.

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