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How do I run the Installation Check utility?

You can run the Installation Check utility from the command line, in a terminal window, as follows.

Windows: Choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Schrodinger Command Prompt, and type in the following command:

installation_check -testall

Linux/Mac: Open a terminal window, set the SCHRODINGER environment variable to point to your installation (see Article 1842), and use the command

$SCHRODINGER/installation_check -testall

The -testall option is not needed if remote job submission does not need to be tested. This utility will check your installation, run a series of tests, print a summary, and create a file named


By default this file is placed into the Schrodinger folder in your documents folder on Windows and Mac, and in the current directory on Linux.

If you need assistance from Technical Support, you can file a support request at, and upload this file when you fill out the request.

You can use the Diagnostics panel to check the installation and collect information for Technical Support if needed: see Article 1692 for details.

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