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I set SCHRODINGER_JOBDB2 in my shell and launched some jobs. Now, I can't see these jobs, either from Maestro or using the jobcontrol utility.

If you set environment variables such as SCHRODINGER_JOBDB2 in the shell before launching jobs or starting Maestro, those settings are only available in that shell (and any child of that shell), not in any other shells. To make these settings permanent, you must set the environment variables globally, by doing the following:

  • On Windows, set your environment variables in the System Properties window, which you can open from the Control Panel or by right-clicking on My Computer. See Appendix A of the Installation Guide for instructions.
  • On Linux, set the environment variables in your .bashrc or .cshrc file.
  • Otherwise, the next time you log in or open a terminal window, your environment variable settings will not be available. In the case of SCHRODINGER_JOBDB2, the location of the job database will not be known, and jobs might not finish or have accessible results.

    Note that you should not set SCHRODINGER in your .bashrc or .cshrc file on Linux, because it will be pointing to an old release when you upgrade. In this case it is better to set SCHRODINGER in the shell from which you start Maestro or launch jobs. There is no need to set SCHRODINGER on Windows: it is set automatically for you when you start Maestro or use a Schrodinger Command Prompt window.

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