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Every time I export (save) files in SDF format from the Project Table in Maestro, I have to uncheck the v3000 format box. Is there a way to change this default behavior?

Nearly all actions in Maestro are associated with a command. Therefore, the general solution to issues like this is to determine the command that corresponds to the action you would like to have automatically performed each time you start Maestro (in this case, unchecking the v3000 format toggle in the Export panel), and then add that command to $HOME/.schrodinger/maestroXX/maestro.cmd. Maestro reads the file on startup and executes all the commands that are in the file. To determine what the command is for a particular action, do the action in Maestro manually, and then open the Command Script Editor to determine what the command was. For example, open the Export panel and uncheck the v3000 format box. When you open the Command Script Editor, you will see the following command near the bottom of the list of commands:

entryexport sdfv3000=false

If you add the above line to $HOME/.schrodinger/maestroXX/maestro.cmd, where XX is the maestro version number; 92 for the 2011 releases, and then re-start Maestro, you will see that the v3000 format toggle is turned off.

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