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I downloaded the free Maestro for academics and installed it on my Windows machine, but Maestro failed because it couldn't find the license. How do I get the missing license?

A Maestro license is included in the Free Maestro download (which you obtain from the Free Maestro download page) and should be installed automatically. If you downloaded the regular software suite instead of the Free Maestro suite, you should download the Free Maestro suite to obtain your license.

If you have installed the software on a Windows machine and the license is missing, you should be able to retrieve it from your Free Maestro download and put it in the required location, as follows.

  1. Open the downloaded zip file in an explorer window (or go to the location where you extracted the zip file).
    If you don't see the file license.txt in the top-level folder, open the apps folder, then the customize folder. If it is not in this folder, contact Technical Support.
  2. Open another explorer window at your Schrödinger software installation.
  3. Drag the file license.txt from the zip archive (or extracted archive) to the software installation folder (usually Schrodinger-release).

You should now be able to run Maestro successfully.

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