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I downloaded the free Maestro for academics and installed it, but Maestro failed because it couldn't find the license. How do I get the missing license?

This can happen if you downloaded and installed the regular software suite rather than the free version of Maestro. You should uninstall the version that you downloaded, then download the free Maestro from the Free Maestro download page and install the free Maestro. A Maestro license is included in the free Maestro download and is installed automatically.

To uninstall the software:

  • Windows: Choose Start → All Programs → Schrodinger-release → Uninstall
  • Linux: Remove the installation directory (rm -rf installationdir)
  • Mac: Double click Uninstall.command in the SchrodingerSuitesrelease folder in the Applications folder.

See the Installation Guide for more information on uninstalling the software, if you have problems. This document is also available in your installation.

If you are running the free version of Maestro on Windows and get a licensing error (-103), it may be because you have logged in remotely to the Windows machine, or you are running a virtual machine. To run on Windows, you must log in directly to the machine on which the software is installed.

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