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What is the function of the "Mark Target Entry" option under the menu "Entry" in the project table ? How could this be used in practice?

The "Mark Target Entry" feature allows you to set a Boolean property (the 'Mark' column, which will be created if it doesn't already exist) in the Maestro Project Table, when you press the "x" key either in the Project Table or the Maestro workspace.

One typical example use is a situation where you have to look through a long list of entries in the project table (docking results, hits from a pharmacophore/shape search, etc.), and you want to select the ones that look interesting to you. In this case, you can move through the selected entries in the project table using the right-arrow button, and hit the "x" key every time you see something that you would like to look at more closely. Once you have worked your way through your list, you can now use the 'Mark' property just like you would use any other property, to sort, select, etc., facilitating placing these entries into a new group, exporting them, etc.

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