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When I click a link in one of the manuals, nothing happens. What is the problem?

One possible reason is that your PDF viewer might not support hyperlinks between documents. The PDF viewer in Chrome is one of these; another example is old versions of Evince on Linux. You should try another PDF viewer, or a different browser, if you are opening the PDF document via a browser.

Another possible reason is that the PDF file was opened from your browser in an independent application, rather than a plug-in. In this case, the PDF document you opened is a copy, and the independent application has no information about where the original was, so it can't follow the hyperlinks to other documents. A workaround is to open the PDF file directly in your PDF viewer: for example, you can open the main documentation index, Manuals_Index.pdf, which is in the docs directory of your installation.

A third possibility is that you may be using a PDF viewer that has bugs or features that prevent it from following links. Adobe Reader on Linux and Preview on Mac OS X 10.7 and later cannot be used with the PDF documentation to follow links to other documents. On Mac we advise changing the default PDF viewer to Adobe Reader; on Linux we advise changing it to Okular or a newer Evince (or failing those, kpdf).

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