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I am unable to start jobs from Maestro or from the command line. I see errors like the following:

40 no reply from jserver at
42 Couldn't read jserver port. Retrying....
42 $HOME/.schrodinger/.jobdb2/ pid = 19432, port = 41604, timestamp = 1316635311, refresh = 600

What is causing this problem?

The file ownership or permissions of the job database are most likely incorrect. To check, run these commands:

ls -ld $HOME/.schrodinger
ls -ld $HOME/.schrodinger/.jobdb2
ls -l $HOME/.schrodinger/.jobdb2/

In all cases, the directories and files must be owned by the the user who owns $HOME. If any of the directories or file are owned by another user (including root), you must change the ownership using the Unix chown utility.

Keywords: Linux, permission, jserver

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