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Maestro is becoming slower and slower to start. What can I do?

If you are using a release earlier than Suite 2011, it may be that your job database is getting very full. The job database resides in $HOME/.schrodinger/.jobdb (on Linux), and the safest way to clean it up is to run the command:

$SCHRODINGER/jobcontrol -delete all

This will clean up the job records for all jobs that have completed successfully, and will leave anything currently running alone.

There are also two environment variables, SCHRODINGER_JOBDB_CLEANUP and SCHRODINGER_JOBDB_MAXSIZE, which help to keep the job database under control. The defaults are 7 days and 2000 records, you can try setting them to much smaller values, e.g., 1 day (1d or 24h or 1440m) and 100, respectively.

In Suite 2011, the job database format changed, and the Maestro slowdown should not happen. However, it is still a good idea to clean up regularly.

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