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What does the warning I get on startup of Maestro mean?

Warning: The action Id main_script_ Renumber proteins by 3D alignment cannot be added as it already exists in the map

The warnings appear when the script is installed separately by another process (for example from Maestro) and/or in another location. You can either ignore them or reinstall all of your scripts.

Delete all scripts from Maestro via Scripts → Manage; re-install all of them via Scripts → Update.

It is possible that somehow you have two versions of the same script installed, one in the "Common Area", e.g., $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-v18111/python/common/ and another in your own "User Area" e.g., $HOME/.schrodinger/maestro90/scripts/

Note: "Renumber proteins by 3D alignment" is an example and can be any script that is installed both in the user and the common area.

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