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What does this error I get on starting Maestro indicate?

WARNING This display cannot support the graphics settings needed by
WARNING Maestro. Please try a different graphics card or see if
WARNING your graphics card can be reconfigured
Maestro: Error initializing Maestro
Maestro: ** abnormal termination **

It means that your graphics card is not adequate for running Maestro, which is an OpenGL application. Some things to try are:

i) Launch Maestro in software OpenGL mode with -SGL option i.e.:


This should be sufficient for regular use. However, you might experience performance issues if you try to display large complex systems, as the CPU will be doing the graphics card's job in this software OpenGL mode.

ii) Consider updating your graphics driver. Please check your graphics card manufacturer's web site and download the latest driver.

iii) Purchase a dedicated high quality graphics card with quad buffering, such as Nvidia Quadro FX or ATI.

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