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My colleague and I would like to share our Maestro projects. What is the best way for us to do that?

There are two main ways of sharing Maestro projects. One is to create a zipped project and share it in the same way as you would share a regular file. These projects are read-only. Another is to place the project on a shared file system with appropriate permissions, where it can be written to by others.

If you want to send your project as a file, you should save it as a read-only project. In Maestro, go to Project → Export Project. You can create a zipped project by selecting Save as compressed file (.prjzip), then naming and saving the new project. You can then send the saved .prjzip file to your colleague. To open this project, go to Project → Open and open the project. The project is opened as a scratch project, and must be saved as a normal, named project to keep any changes, with Project → Save As.

If you want the project to be writable by more than one person, you should save it as a normal project (.prj), place it on a shared file system, and change the permissions so that the project directory (folder) and all its contents are writable by whoever you want to have access to it. The project can only be opened by one person at a time, even if more than one person has write permission.

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