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What can I do if launching Maestro produces the following error?

Unable to get username
WARNING mm_init_libs(): Error initializing mmblast
FATAL Main(): cannot initialize the MacroModel libraries
FATAL Exiting Maestro due to error
Maestro: Error initializing Maestro
Maestro: ** abnormal termination **
Generating report information...

These errors are often reported on 64-bit Linux machines that use LDAP for directory services, user authentication, etc. It happens when the 32-bit version of the LDAP libraries are not installed. If this is the case, installing the 32-bit versions of the following libraries (RedHat or CentOS) usually resolves this issue:


If you see errors like this on Windows, you should install Suite 2012 Update 2 (or later), in which this problem is fixed. Alternatively, you can work around this problem by uninstalling the 64-bit version of Maestro and installing the 32-bit version.

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