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What can I do about frequent Maestro freezes?

The most likely cause of frequent Maestro freezes is that the job database is full. The job database and the way it is queried was restructured in Suite 2011, so you should see few if any Maestro freezes due to the job database from Suite 2011 on.

In Suite 2010 and earlier, cleaning up the database helps. You can do this with the following command:

$SCHRODINGER/jobcontrol -delete all

Alternatively, you can select finished jobs in the Monitor panel and click Delete. You can open the Monitor panel from the Applications menu. If you want to clean up the database in Suite 2011 and later, you can click the Clean Up button in the Monitor panel.

There are also SCHRODINGER_JOBDB_CLEANUP and SCHRODINGER_JOBDB_MAXSIZE environment variables that can be set to keep the job database size under control.

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