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I use a Linux license server and have problems accessing the licenses on clients. How can I check if a firewall is causing these problems?

The usual problem with license access is that the ports in the firewall used by the license server are not open. You can check for and fix this problem with the instructions below.

  1. Log on to your license server as root.
  2. Find the port numbers on the SERVER and VENDOR lines of your license file. These are usually at the top of the file, and the port numbers are usually set to 27008 and 53000. If the port numbers are different, use the numbers in your license file. If the port numbers are missing, you may have an expired license, and you should contact technical support.
  3. Start the firewall configuration tool for your operating system. If you need to start it from the command line, you can use the following:
    CentOS/RHEL: system-config-firewall
    SuSE: Yast2
    Ubuntu: gufw
  4. Check whether the port numbers appear on any of the lists shown in the firewall configuration interface. If they are not on any of the lists, the ports are not open and this is the likely cause of the licences access problems.
  5. Use the tool to open these ports.

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