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I am trying to run a job on a remote Sun Grid Engine (SGE) cluster, but my job hangs in 'submitted' status. The user name on my local machine is not the same as on the cluster. What do I do?

This happens when the path to the job database on the cluster is not the same as the path on the local machine. The log information from the queueing system is written to a file in the job database by default, so if the path on the cluster does not exist, the job hangs. Since your user name is different on the cluster, this path probably does not exist there.

To fix this problem, you can set the SCHRODINGER_QLOGDIR environment variable to a path that exists on both the local machine and the cluster. We recommend setting it to /dev/null:

export SCHRODINGER_QLOGDIR=/dev/null

This will discard the log information from the queueing system, which is usually only useful for debugging job submission and does not affect the results of the job. If you set this environment variable to some other path, you are responsible for cleaning up the log files, as Job Control will not do it unless it is in the job database.

This problem is fixed in Suite 2012.

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