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I have some PDB files that I want to convert into Maestro format and put in one file. I converted the first file into Maestro format with the structconvert command, then used option -a to append the second file into the first Maestro file.

However, it didn't work as I'd expected. The error message is "Unknown option -a".

How do I use this utility?

The command should look similar to this:

$SCHRODINGER/utilities/structconvert -ipdb 1atp.pdb -omae merged.mae -a

However, the -a option is not supported when using the PDB format; if you try to use the above, you will get the following error:

ERROR: Append option (-a) is not supported when reading or writing PDB format.

The solution is to convert all your PDB files separately and then combine them into one .mae file. You can do this with the structcat utility.

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