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I just installed the latest version of Schrödinger software on a new computer and I am receiving some OpenGL GLX errors. What do they mean?

X server has no OpenGL GLX extension.
Try a different display or try enabling GLX in your X Server or invoking Maestro with -SGL. (Using -SGL results in 3D graphics being done in software and may significantly reduce graphics performance.)

This usually indicates that you have not installed drivers with hardware accelerated OpenGL. Try launching Maestro with the -SGL option


This should be sufficient for regular use. However, you might experience performance issues if try to display large complex systems, as the CPU will be doing the graphics card's job in this software OpenGL mode.

To use hardware acceleration, you need to download and install drivers from Nvidia's website, appropriate for your graphics card and operating system. If you do not know your card's model, the following command:

lspci -v

should list this information in the block starting with "VGA compatible controller". Once the driver is installed correctly, the command:

glxinfo | grep -i direct

should print "direct rendering: Yes" and you can then start using Maestro without the -SGL option.

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