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I have a problem with the library, I cannot find it on Red Hat Linux 5. What do I do?

/opt/SCHRODINGER/maestro-v85207/bin/Linux-x86/maestro: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Maestro: Could not load shared library

You are missing the 32-bit library on your machine which is required for Maestro to operate. You will need to locate the appropriate RPM file on your installation media, and install the package, for example with

yum install libXaw.i386 -y

You can also use the Red Hat Package Manager to locate and install the package.

From the 2013-1 release, Maestro is only available as a 64-bit executable. If you do not have the 64-bit library installed, you can use

yum install libXaw.x86_64 -y

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