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I seem to have a problem with loading libraries on Linux. What can I do?

/opt/schrodinger/maestro-v90211/bin/Linux-x86/maestro: error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

The "wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64" error is usually caused by 32-bit/64-bit incompatibility. Maestro was available as a 32-bit application up to Suite 2012. Launching the 32-bit Maestro on your 64-bit system without having some required files would cause problems. Most of these errors are usually resolved by installing the missing 32-bit compatibility libraries.

On CentOS, the package that provides the 32-bit library is called libX11.i386.rpm.

Note the .i386 part which indicates that this is a 32-bit library and is different from the .x86_64 64-bit package that most likely is installed on your machine.

Schrödinger no longer distributes its software as 32-bit executables on Linux, as of the 2013-1 release. However, you should still install the 32-bit compatibility libraries to support some 32-bit third-party applications.

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