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I get this error when I start Maestro. What is the problem?

/net/software/schrodinger2009/maestro-v90109/bin/Linux-x86/maestro:relocation error:
/net/software/schrodinger2009/mmshare-v18109/lib/Linux-x86/ __pthread_clock_settime, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference
Maestro: Could not load shared library

The problem seems to be related to glibc incompatibility, and has been reported on a number of unsupported 64-bit Linux systems, such as Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE 11, Fedora, Mandiva Linux. You should ensure that glibc is up to date and that all compatibility libraries have been installed and all components have matching version numbers. Check the Installation Guide for OS software requirements.

Another possibility is that the libraries supplied with the Schrodinger software distribution are causing the problem. Try moving the library $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-v18212/lib/Linux-x86/ to $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-v18212/disabled_lib/Linux-x86/ and $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-v18212/lib/Linux-x86_64/ to $SCHRODINGER/mmshare-v18212/disabled_lib/Linux-x86_64/

Keywords: , GLIBC_PRIVATE, link time reference, shared library

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