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I downloaded the free version of Maestro for academics and installed it on my computer. But I cannot do any energy minimization for the molecules I have drawn. What can I do?

Only the Maestro GUI is free of charge when you install the free version of Maestro. It does not come with any additional applications, such as Jaguar, Glide, or MacroModel. If you are interested in getting an evaluation license for any of our products, please visit the Sales Center at You can find this page by going to Resources & Downloads → Trials/Sales Quotes.

Maestro does have a simple minimization tool which you can run with Tools → Minimize (or CTRL+M). This tool minimizes the energy of the selected atoms with the OPLS_2005 force field. There is a similar tool at Edit → Clean Up Geometry, which minimizes the Workspace. This tool can be used for any atom type (including metals) for smaller molecules (less than 500 atoms) by setting the Build – Geometry Cleanup preference to use the Universal Force Field (UFF) minimizer.

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