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I'd like to color hydrogens attached to nitrogens by the color of the nitrogen, and similarly hydrogens attached to oxygen should be the oxygen color (eg. red). Is this possible?

One way to do this is to create two sets (Tools → Sets) for N-connected H's and O-connected H's, for example:

Set1: (atom.ele H) AND (withinbonds 1 (atom.ele N))
Set2: (atom.ele H) AND (withinbonds 1 (atom.ele O))

Then use Workspace → Atom and Bond Coloring to apply blue color to Set1 and red color to Set2. You can then apply the "Atom Color" scheme to the rest of the structure.

If it is a color scheme that you will be using often, it is probably worth creating a permanent custom color scheme. You can do this from Maestro: see the Maestro User Manual section "Creating and Editing Color Schemes". In earlier releases you can create color schemes by editing resource files: see the "Customizing Maestro" chapter in the Maestro User Manual.

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